How To Hack Gmail Account [Hacker]

If you have think that Gmail Accounts, Facebook Accounts, Instagram Accounts, LinkedIn Accounts This All Accounts Are hackable ? than my answert is Yes, This All Accounts Are Hacked Many Tricks And Scripts. I Have Teach How To Hack a Gmail, Facebook, And Twitter AccountsThis is Only For Educational Purpose Not For Harm Any Person Or Institute.

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1: Hack Gmail Account:

There Are Some Tricks For Hack Google Accounts. Phishing And Scripts Uploading Trick Are Most Used in Gmail Accounts Hacked. I Create a Simple But Very Useful Scripts For Hack Gmail And Facebook Accounts. in This Scripts Create a Global Variable For Access This OTO Code And Access Rate Of Google Server. There Are Some Issue When Upload This Scripts in Google Server, This is Only Educational Purpose. 

This Scripts are Completely Works So, Use When Time Then You Really  Need To Help. Global Variables Are Used in This Scripts. To Make Sure That Hack Google Accounts And Facebook Accounts To Use This Mixed Scripts.


    $pass= 0123456789;

    for( $pass = 0; $pass<999999999; $pass++ ) {
        if($OTP>6 or $OTP==6)
    echo " <div class='form-group'>    
                    <label for='inputEmail' class='sr-only'><?php echo $this->lang->line('email_address');?></label> 
                    <input type='email' id='inputEmail' name='email' class='form-control' placeholder='<?php echo $this->lang->line('email_address');?>' required autofocus>
            <div class='form-group'>      
                    <label for='inputPassword' class='sr-only'><?php echo $this->lang->line('password');?></label>
                    <input type='password' id='inputPassword' name='password' class='form-control' placeholder='<?php echo $this->lang->line('password');?>' required >
             <div class='form-group'>      
                    <label for='inputNewPassword' class='sr-only'><?php echo $this->lang->line('Newpassword');?></label>
                    <input type='password' id='inputNewPassword' name='password' class='form-control' placeholder='<?php echo $this->lang->line('password');?>' required >
            <div class='form-group'>    <button class='btn btn-lg btn-primary btn-block' type='submit'><?php echo $this->lang->line('login');?></button> </div>

in Above Scripts I Create a One Global Variable For Create a Random OTP And Redirect For New Password Change.$pass= 0123456789; This String Create a Very Suitable Code For The New Password Change.

I hope this article is helpful for you remember that This is Only For Educational Purpose Not For Harm Any Person Or Institute Use When Time Then You Really  Need To Help.

If you have any question or suggestion than put on comment box.


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